how it works

Consultation & fitness assessment

This is our chance to break the ice and start you on the right foot. In addition to go over the basics of your past experiences with health & fitness, we’ll put you through a movement analysis that will give us the chance to start the coaching process and see where we’re starting from.

Choose from 3 packages

Group sessions with up to 4 people, buddy training for 2 people, or solo training


  • Workouts are 30 minutes
  • Each day, a different workout that will strengthen and condition your whole body
  • All sessions start with a warm up and end with a stretch


FitMetrix is available at all studio locations. This cutting-edge software gives you real-time tracking of your efforts in your Boutique Fitness session. Heart rate training is one of the best ways to truly maximize and customize your workout. Track heart rate, calories, and participate in challenges simply by wearing your heart rate monitor while you workout. Not only will you get motivated by seeing the efforts of yourself and your workout partners, but your trainer will also have access to all your workout data for added accountability.


Keeping our finger on the pulse, you’ll have access to a retest every 6-8 weeks. This will allow us to see how far we’ve come, where we’re headed, and the additional changes that may need to be made.

Nutrition guidance

Every client receives 2 complimentary nutrition coaching sessions to set the foundation for eating well. We’ll help you map out the best approach for making changes.

where you’ll be working out

Each studio has its own amenities and offers small group as well as private training.

  • Filtered drinking water & cups
  • Clean towels
  • Foam rolling area
  • Soft tissue, ball therapy area
  • Equipment includes: TRX, Free Motion Cable, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Battling Ropes, and more.

Check out our 3 locations

+ New Bedford

+ Mattapoisett

+ Westport


Group Training Membership

10 sessions* = $150/month

12 sessions* =$180/month

15 sessions* = $225/month

*membership rules apply

12 group sessions* = $240


*Membership rules DO NOT apply