Winter is just about here and that means that we are gearing up to start training for the New Bedford Half Marathon! This year will be a combination Track+Channel/Boutique Fitness team and we are super excited about it!

Track + Channel will posting a very basic training program that anyone can follow, and we encourage you to do so! Even if you’re not sure you want to run the 13.1 miles on March 17, 2019, you can at least know that you worked toward something. Not only that, but you’ll also become a part of the wonderful running community in New Bedford.

If you would like a more individualized training program, Coach Molly is at your service. She is a RRCA certified coach and will customize your plan to your specific needs and goals. So whether you’re a novice runner or a seasoned half marathoner, Coach Molly can help you make the 2019 New Bedford Half Marathon an amazing one!

Download your 10 week training plan here!

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There’s no such thing as too slow.
Stick with us and and leave your ‘footprint’ on winter.