10in10 Challenge 2020

What is the 10in10?

The 10 in 10 Challenge is our highly acclaimed nutrition challenge heading into its 9th year! This is 10 weeks of nutrition coaching that can take you from the end-of-summer haze to the best holiday season of your life.

The accountability alone will help you make better decisions, and we will be here all along the way to support you. You are a gladiator and nothing can stop you from feeling like a million bucks. Register for the 10 in 10 Challenge today and get ready to be a part of a dynamic, results based program!


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Week 5: Oct. 11 – Oct. 17

Healthy habits don’t happen overnight. Focusing on 1 or 2 key components at a time allows your mind and your emotions to process your progress.

This week we learn more about detoxing; best practices and approach.

‘Eat to live, not live to eat.’


“Thank you! The women at Boutique Fitness came through again with a fantastic program. I am healthier, stronger and more determined because of them.” – Gillian P.


“This challenge has helped me in so many ways. To know I am not alone in this struggle and to hear others’ words of encouragement and acceptance has been uplifting and strengthening. One thing I have gotten better at is accepting if I have “fallen off the wagon” and to move past it and don’t let it spiral me further down away from my goals.” – Kristen M.


“I lost 10lbs!, but my biggest success is seeing my attitude about food has changed. I notice I am more thoughtful when it comes to eating.” – Bridget H.