21 Days Plant Based

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What is vegan?

A vegan diet is a 100% plant based diet, unlike a vegetarian diet which includes animal products such as dairy, eggs, and honey.

Why vegan?

There is tremendous research available on the power behind a plant based diet. Eliminating animal products has been shown to significantly decrease inflammation and all the complications it brings.

Vegan forever?

Unless you have your own compelling reasons for maintaining a vegan diet for the long haul, we are not suggesting that you have to. 21 days alone will give you a big eye opener on how your digestive track functions.

Did you know that your gut is your #1 brain? It is far more responsible for how we function than our #2 brain. Give your gut 21 days and you will absolutely learn something about your body and your health.

Consider this a comprehensive course in best practices and resources for a plant based diet. Coach Kristin will cover all the in’s and out’s of eliminating animal by-products, and all the do’s and don’ts of eating plant based.

Acne, bowel issues, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and brain fog are only a start to a list of symptoms you might be experiencing from consuming animal products. Simply cutting meat out can make a big difference, but there’s far more to it than just that. We want you to eat the right foods, incorporate the right substitutes, and most importantly enjoy your meals.

Take this journey with us and equip yourself with a community that shares resources, hurdles, and successes. 


The cost is only $36 


Strong start preparation: January 9 & 10

Official start: Monday, January 11