And the World Got Shook

It’s no secret that sharing fitness with others provides a whole host of benefits. Even if you’re not physically working out together, to have someone who takes an interest in your progress and your consistency is proven to directly impact how successful you feel.   As an industry, fitness has changed so drastically in the last […]

Kristin's Journey with Food

I want to share my food journey with all of you. This is a journey; there is no shortcut here. Figuring out your food lifestyle will take time but in the end it’s worth it. My journey with food started over 11 years ago (I can’t forget the childhood nightly desserts, bread, pasta, fast food […]


10 Weeks with the Lumbar Yard Xplosion Softball team! by Nicole N. On January 25th, a chilly winter evening in Westport, MA,  a group of twelve 14 -15 year old girls walked through the doors of our Westport studio for what would be the first of a 10 week program at Boutique Fitness, led by Kinski […]


What’s all the Hype about Collagen?   A note from Angela Collagen is a protein found naturally in our body. It is a unique blend of amino acids that provide structure and support to everything from our hair, skin and nails to our muscles, bones and blood vessels. Unfortunately collagen production decreases as we age. Collagen […]


February is an interesting month. Especially when it has an extra day – as if 28 days weren’t enough. Well, it turns out that February is historically and traditionally a month of transition – much more so than January. It’s when the chaos of making and trying to implement resolutions takes a reflective turn. It’s […]

One One Twenty Twenty

YEAR IN REVIEW The first page of a beautiful new journal. There’s nothing like a brand new journal to light me up – especially on the first day of a brand new decade. One of my most cherished traditions in business is setting a plan for the year that fuels my soul. The first step […]


There are several opportunities throughout the year to revamp our routines. With the changes of the seasons comes changes in commitments, and with each one it seems we need a ‘grace period’ so we can settle in to the new routine. But the one constant routine that should be a given is our self-care. Yes, that term gets […]

Navigating the important stuff...

Check-in with yourself. Are you treating yourself with the care you deserve? Are your habits in-line with the life you want? Are you getting your sleep, eating good food and making time to move with intention? If you have found yourself letting your “you-tine” slide, then this is your time! Your time to prioritize self-care habits is now.

Grocery store blues...

Have you ever found yourself saying “I have to get to the grocery store” but simultaneously avoiding the grocery store? Maybe you spend a day or two or three dining out. You still make good food choices but know in your heart that you might be overeating and that you are for sure overspending. As […]
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What Thrills Me...

I have never really considered myself a competitive person. Actually, I was a painfully shy kid from a big family of big personalities – which made it easy to ‘belong’ without having to do much more than be present. At a young age I became very sick. I had a brain tumor and suffered many […]

Just Breathe

Let’s get nosey I swear if we could all learn to breathe more through the nose we would live in a healthier, happier, and more peaceful world. Nasal breathing is so much more than just a requirement for meditating.  Although that little fact alone says something about how powerful it can. The truth is that our […]


My relationship with running has alway been a bit complicated.  I ran winter track in high school. I was a mediocre middle distance runner who stuck it out because I loved the camaraderie and the structure.  I also learned quite young that running was magical for combatting the melancholy that came with cold short days. […]