Give Nighttime Cravings the Boot!

Do you Struggle with nighttime cravings??? You are not alone.  This is hands down, the greatest complaint we hear from clients, and admittedly something I have battled myself. It helps to understand that, cravings are different from hunger.  Hunger starts in our stomach and is our bodies’ true physiological request for nourishment.  Uncomfortable feelings such […]

Toilet Talk

I am the mom of two young boys, so let’s just say, we do a lot of “POOP” talk at my house.  I can’t fully wrap my head around it, but for the under-seven crowd, nothing is more hysterical than calling someone a “poop butt”. So, do you see where I am going with this? […]


Do you sweat when you workout? I mean truly get drenched in your own carnage? I know, most people cringe at the thought of it, but I gotta tell you – there’s nothing  like a puddle of sweat to let the universe know you mean business. Not only is it physical evidence that you are […]

A Conscious Decision

by: Lauren Leduc Lemieux I made the conscious decision last year to eliminate I can’t from my vocabulary.  My mission was to make sure that if I was choosing to do something, or not do something, be it for me or someone else, that I was doing it for a really good reason.  I wanted to be […]

friendly bacteria

The human body is home to thousands of naturally occurring microorganisms. This may sound frightening, but it is actually a very positive thing; these “friendly” bacteria play a crucial role in our health. Beneficial bacteria in our gut assist in digesting the food we eat, and in keeping more pathological bacteria and fungus in-check. Maintaining […]

Choose to see love: addressing body dysmorphia

It’s not uncommon for people to feel a bit lack-luster this time of year. This is when the battle with holiday weight gain continues, yet it’s cold out and we still want to cozy-in and consume comfort foods… So I understand it can be difficult to feel good in your skin, which always feels better […]