Coffee & Napping

How coffee and napping go hand in hand Other than the fact that I truly love both coffee and napping, there is a wonderful scientific advantage to this duo. There is so much contradicting information about the health benefits and dangers of drinking coffee. My stance is firm in that coffee is a wonderful thing […]

10 Volcanoes Trail Run

This summer I’ll turn 40 years old 🙂 I’m very proud of my 40 years on this earth – grateful and proud. To celebrate this milestone and everything this lifetime has brought me, I decided to sign up for a trail run… a 25k called the 10 Volcanoes. It’s in Faial, Açores, the island my father […]

The Method Behind the Madness

In deed, there is a method behind the madness. Clients will often tell me that walking into a big gym is overwhelming.  Even if they know how to use the equipment, they still feel a little lost and end up wandering around, fusing together a hodge-podge of exercises until they are totally bored and decide […]

Your Fitness Is Our Business

Some people get really upset about their ‘inability’ to maintain healthy eating habits and a regular workout schedule without having to hire someone to help motivate them and keep them on track. There are also the people that truly feel like they are doing everything right but don’t see the difference on the scale or […]

We Are Here Podcast: Featuring Lara!

Not that long ago a colleague asked me if I would participate in a podcast he’s building. It’s called We Are Here and it’s all about business in the Southcoast. I met Matt Medeiros through EforAll South Coast where we are both mentors. I can’t thank Matt enough for including me in this project. He gave me the opportunity […]

Seeing Red!

If you have followed along with the Boutique Fitness 10in10 Challenge you’re no stranger to the concept of marking things red (or pink). It’s the most blatant approach to mapping out your sweet tooth. Let’s break down why we LOVE some of the foods we love… Why we love bananas with nut butter so much: Our […]


There was a time right about when I became a personal trainer that I was curious about supplementation, and protein powders, and macro nutrient breakdown… blah blah blah. So I tried to learn from experience and taylor my nutrition to incorporate pre-workout supplementation, post-workout supplementation, high protein, low carb, morning vitamins, evening vitamins, carb inhibitors, […]


Have you ever put someone on a pedestal and then realized that they are human just like you? Often times placing someone in this designation of ‘can do no wrong’ will ultimately affect you more than anyone when suddenly there’s a glimpse of vulnerability. I recently had a conversation with my mother regarding this and […]

Most Powerful!

I can’t help but think of this like a video game. Good calories, bad calories, hidden calories, empty calories… and you. Picture yourself in a cape and bandana zapping calories by the hundreds when you workout like a beast. It makes you feel pretty badass doesn’t it? Going to a birthday party is like entering […]

Are you a Chocolate Person?

If you’re a chocolate person you must learn to live with chocolate in your cabinet. Chocolate is too wonderful of a thing to ever feel like it’s so bad. It’s ok to be a chocolate lover and it’s ok to enjoy chocolate, but there’s something about the way we talk to ourselves that lends to […]

When all is good

Ever have the feeling that something is about to go wrong? Like, when all is good and you get a nagging suspicion that the bubble is about to burst? I’m afraid that this suspicious feeling alone may be enough to evoke changes that lead you to thinking ‘Aha! I knew something was going to happen!’ […]

Everything is Temporary

I live in a haze of constant search for ‘the next thing’. The next project, next task, next victory, next bedtime! As much as I see this resistance to complacency as a positive characteristic, I do need to remind myself to hit pause sometimes and relish in this beautiful life. It’s all temporary. I told […]