Corporate Programs

Investing in your workforce


As companies engage more with the wellbeing of their workforce and seek opportunities to invest in its health and longevity, it can become increasingly difficult to identify the programs that best suit company culture as well as the bottom line. 


Companies who are committed to employee development and retention are beginning to commit more and more to wellness programs that are accessible, tangible, and effective. This also comes with the ever growing number of professionals working from home and the reality that it may no longer be enough just to offer a corporate gym membership. 


Productivity is key. It has been determined time and time again that a happy and healthy employee will be among the top producers for any company. Therefore, for a company to be a top producer, it must invest in the health of its people.


With four locations across the Southcoast (New Bedford, Mattapoisett, Westport, and Taunton), Boutique Fitness offers a total fitness and nutrition solution that is; effective for improving strength and conditioning, time efficient for the busy professional, and accessible in both location and cost.


The investment made in the corporate program with Boutique Fitness transfers directly into the progress your employees will make in their health. Sessions are always led by a coach, we train the body as a whole, sessions last 30 minutes and are available throughout the day starting at 5am. Each studio provides accountability, useful resources, camaraderie, and community. Our nutrition programs are offered online so that everyone has easy access to their coach and to their progress.


We understand your company is unique in its needs and resources. This program offers a reduced rate for employees with a stipend from the corporation. It’s a win-win on your investment.

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