About the Online Spring Special

Due to the dangers of COVID19, Boutique Fitness studios will be closed beginning March 23. This has presented us with an opportunity to shift the entire Spring Special online. We hope everyone is taking precautions to remain healthy and stay active.

Even with this curve ball in our annual program, we are confident we can still help you feel amazing for the summer months.

We all know that you can’t out-train a bad diet. So we are bundling together amazing total-body workouts with food coaching from Coach Kristin Smola to bring you the ultimate solution for feeling great in your skin.

**The Spring Special begins April 1 and runs for 3 months; April, May, June.  There is a one time cost of $138 for all 12 weeks.

Commit to your Fitness

Boutique Fitness workouts are thoughtfully programmed to work the body as a whole. The focus is functional training, making the workouts a wonderful compliment to each other day after day.

During the Spring Special, each workout video will be in real time and coached by a BF coach so you get all the instruction and motivation you need to nail each workout. We will have modifications and progressions and you will have access to your coaches through the app so you can modify and customize even more.

Nutrition coaching is all about finding the right solutions for you that will last. It’s not about being 100% on point or becoming a food robot. When you get Kristin in your corner you’ll find all kinds of options that will keep you satisfied and on track.

[Registration for the Spring Special is now closed]


About the Workouts

  • 30 minute, REAL TIME Boutique Fitness workouts coached by Angela & Nina.
  • Yoga with lovely Coach Cindi
  • Short and powerful meditations with Coach Jenn
  • Mobility & active recovery with Coach Lara
  • Delivered daily through the app so its right at your fingertips.

About the Nutrition

  • Daily topics to help you better understand where you may need the most help from Kristin.
  • Direct messaging with Coach Kristin so you can work on your specific needs.
  • Facebook page for shared recipes and extra food prep tips.
  • Accountability & direction!
  • Delivered daily through the app complete with reminders to help you stay on track.