how ProCoach works

  • ProCoach is an online nutrition coaching program facilitated by Boutique Fitness.
  • You will receive daily motivation, 5 minute habits, and bite-sized lessons that are purposefully structured.
  • These are science-based, road-tested, tried & true tools to effectively coach weight loss!
  • ProCoach is billed monthly for the duration of your commitment.
  • You do not need to be a Boutique Fitness client to benefit from ProCoach – it is available to everyone!
  • Boutique Fitness Clients receive a special rate for ProCoach.


see real results

Pairing a healthy diet with an active lifestyle is the only way to get the full benefits of your efforts. We provide you with the nutritional guidance and accountability to meet your health goals, as well as the tools to create eating habits for life. With our nutrition coaching, you’ll see:

  • Reduced body fat, weight loss, and body transformation
  • Increased energy, decreased inflammation
  • Improved fitness performance and recovery time
  • Enhanced vitality and health
  • Better sleep


What Jill has to say about ProCoach:

“I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every weight loss program under the sun. Over the years, I found the various programs would work for a few weeks/months and then I’d get annoyed with counting calories/points or sick of the foods I was told to eat. The more I deprived myself, the harder I fell off the wagon each and every time. When Boutique Fitness announced the PN Coaching program, I was intrigued. There was no mention of right or wrong foods, but rather a focus on the way you look at food mentally. This was exciting and timely to me because I had just given up on the Keto diet, and I felt like a massive failure – again. I decided to sign up and that, I can confidently say, was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! I’m currently 6 months into the program and it has completely changed me both mentally and physically. I am learning how to live a healthy lifestyle that will lead me to my goals without feeling deprived or like I’m some kind of failure. The lessons are easy to comprehend and the daily emails keep me focused and interested. The one on one interaction with my personal coach has been invaluable, as it provides me with a constant sense of accountability. It’s really nice to receive regular feedback when you are doing well, and more importantly, when you’re struggling.

I am so incredibly happy with my decision to start the PN Coaching program and I can’t wait to see where the next 6 months on the program will take me!” – Jill Muldoon

ProCoach Pricing

$69/month: for non-Boutique Fitness clients

$49/month* for Boutique Fitness clients not on EFT.

$24/month* for Boutique Fitness clients currently on EFT.

Private Training clients receive ProCoach as a complimentary service* – must attend 2 or more sessions/week

*email the studio to get started at

Commit to ProCoach for 12 months for best results.