What’s a sleep, stress management, and recovery coach?

When you feel stressed and exhausted, everything else feels harder.

If you’re tired and wired, you may struggle with movement. Your cravings may be ridiculously intense—and you may feel too overwhelmed to even think about making dinner, not to mention hit the grocery store.

“I know what I should be doing—and I want to do it. But I can’t seem to accomplish even the tiniest things. What’s wrong with me?”

Enter sleep, stress management, and recovery coaching (SSR, for short).

An SSR Coach is trained to help you overcome the stress and exhaustion that blocks you from changing your behavior, your health, and your life.

It’s the only certification in the world designed specifically for health and fitness professionals who want to solve the biggest problems blocking their clients’ progress

An SSR coach helps you improve sleep, manage stress, and improve resilience and recovery.

They can also help you…

  • feel more energetic, in control, and capable of taking action.
  • overcome the invisible issues that are holding you back.
  • change your mindset about who you are and what you can do.
  • change your ability to make choices and try new things—as well as to fully experience the world around you.
  • take small simple everyday actions that yield big effects for your overall well being.

Whether you’re juggling daily stressors while struggling to see results, or you’re an elite athlete and top performer seeking that extra edge, an SSR Coach can help you get better quality sleep, manage stressors that come your way, and recover more effectively.

Now, more and more people are accepting that sleep, stress management, and recovery are crucial, foundational pieces of the overall health puzzle.

Understanding your hidden stressors, sleep problems, and recovery issues serves as the key that unlocks positive steps towards progress.

Once these core roadblocks are addressed—everything else in your life becomes easier.

  • You’ll progress faster and easier through nutrition, health, and fitness goals with fewer cravings, more energy, a growth mindset, and a step-by-step action plan for how to positively cope with new (inevitable) challenges.
  • You’ll receive what you need without getting overloaded with high expectations and demanding routines that only add more stress to your overflowing plate.

Together with your SSR Coach, we will:

  • Fully assess your situation—What kind of stress load are you under? How’s your sleep? What’s standing in the way of your goals? What, if any, recovery practices do you already have in place?
  • Identify and articulate your goals—How can you limit some stressors while better managing others? How can you incorporate useful recovery practices into your daily life?
  • Develop an individualized sleep, stress management, and recovery plan that fits seamlessly with any existing nutrition and fitness habits you’re already practicing. We will create a roadmap you can easily follow—even on tough days.
  • Find ways to help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs of change, highlighting bright spots and discovering new opportunities.
  • Strategize, troubleshoot, and adjust your plan along the way—based on what’s working for you – helping you achieve better results than ever before in all areas of your life.