Ultimate Sugar Challenge

The challenge

  • Six weeks of support and accountability
  • Daily lessons that range from nutrition education to mindset and setting yourself up for success
  • Easy meal planning guide and weekly planning sheets
  • Access to the private challenge Facebook group
  • A recipe guide with more than ten ‘no added sugar’ desserts
  • Weekly check-ins so we can see how you are doing in real time and help you to stay on plan.
  • Daily access to Coach Kristin through messaging on the app
  • All of the above, not to mention the leaps and bounds you’ll make in your health and wellness, for only $69!

The results

  • More energy. With fewer sugar crashes and more stable blood sugar, you’ll not only have more energy, but you’ll also feel more productive.
  • Better sleep. Allowing your body to respond naturally to its circadian rhythm will do wonders for your sleep cycle.
  • Less bloat. Sugar wreaks havoc on your digestive system and gut flora. When the belly is settled, the bloat is gone.
  • Less irritability. Sugar highs and lows are no fun – not for you or anyone around you. Less sugar = more happy 🙂
  • Potential weight loss. This part is up to you. Eat well, workout, reduce stress, and will feel like a million bucks!