Body Blast

Pair these two BFFs (BF Favorites) for a total body session that builds strength and improves mobility.

Medicine Ball Magic

This dynamic medicine ball workout hits all the right places in one sweaty sesh!

Old School Sweat

We've got an oldie but a goodie! It starts with a classic cardio move and then slows way down for a stabilization. Have fun with it!

Kettlebell Complex

This is an explosive kettlebell combo that will build power and poise.

Bodyweight Burn

No equipment needed for this super-leggy superset!

Strength Training for Runners

This one is not just for runners. Look and feel your best with an open chest, stabile core and strong legs and hips.

Buns, Shoulders, Core

Standing and then lying down, we've got two awesome exercises to target your buns, core and shoulders.

Three Part Kettlebell Workout

1 Kettlebell + 3 Exercises = All the right spots!

Press and Surrender

We've got a one-two combo of overhead press and plyometric surrenders to build power and strength.

Classic Kettlebell Workout

This one will get your heart pumping! Try these three classic moves to build strong legs, hips and core.

Hinge and Lunge

Work your backside from all the angles with this hinge lunge combo for strong hips.

Total Body Dumbbell Complex

This is one of our favorite total body combos. Grab a single dumbbell and we'll get to work!