These short exercise combinations are a great way to add extra movement to your day.

You can also string them together for a total body workout!

Shoulders & Legs

This is a simple combination with very specific instructions. It's all in the 90 degree angles with this one, so make sure to pay close attention ;)

Glutes & Upper

Here's a great combo to do after a long day. It's simple, it feels good, and it's better than just crashing on the couch.


This combination will keep your mind sharp and your whole body engaged. Remember to breathe! xo

Half Kneeling Pull & Push

Lock in your position with a half kneeling stance. This will help protect your low back so you can safely row and press the dumbbell.

Kettlebell Clean and Drop

This total body kettlebell combination with work your upper body, core, and lower body in just 20 repetitions.

Split Leg Combo

Here is a great combo for your lower body with a tall plank add-on. This can be used as part of your warmup or at the end of your workout.

Single Leg Squat- Bear Hover with Shoulder Tap

When it comes to lower body training, we love single leg moves. Training unilaterally will get you stronger and more athletic with far less risk of injury.

Happy Hips

For a strong core and happy hips give this bodyweight combo a try


We're playing around with lunge variations this week, as they are truly magical for the lower body.


There are tons of ways to spice up home workouts that don't require additional equipment or space. Add variety by changing up the tempo and plane in this high-low bodyweight combo

Decline Lunges

Target your glutes with decline back lunges.

Work your Wobble

Training for better balance?