Swing to Pushup

These two foundational moves provide a major bang-for-your-buck!

Single Arm Swing

We love Kettlebell swings. The swing is a fantastic tool for training explosive power and sculpting the backside. Mix it up with these fun single-arm variations. By using only one arm you will strengthen your grip and add an anti-rotational core challenge. Keep your form tight and have fun with it!

Squat with Us

Squatting is a fundamental human movement pattern and an absolute BFF (Boutique Fitness Favorite). Not only will it shape your quads, hammies and glutes, but squatting will also improve your balance, mobility and overall strength.

Hip Focussed

Let's talk hip strength. If you are suffering with cranky knees or a stiff lower back, addressing hip strength and mobility may be the key.

Valslide Legs

Valslides allow us to explore range of motion while simultaneously building strength. These smooth gliding actions build intensity without added loading or high impact. They are a safe and effective tools for most bodies.

Strong Staples

We all know the importance of a strong core and hips to move well and feel awesome. This combo includes the often overlooked hammies. Grab a pair of sliders and give it a try!

Valslides - Hips and Core

We love Valslides! They set the stage for flowing movements that build strength and expand our control through full range of motion.

Kettlebell Complex

Talk about bang for your buck! This is KB Complex hits shoulders, core and legs. It's one of our go-to combos (BFFs) and a definite must-try!

The Push

This pushing workout will tone your entire body including your legs, core and shoulders. Chose a set of dumbbells that you can safely press overhead and let's get to work!

Kettlebell Combo

I love stringing together a couple dynamic kettlebell moves for a quick and super effective workout. This one will get your hear-rate up, while you develop strength, power and athleticism.

Mobility Drills

Mobility training is a key component to building a strong and resilient body that truly feels awesome. Adding a few drills that target tight and/or weak areas can make all the difference. These are a few of our favorites.

Bodyweight Snacks

There is so much value in adding short bursts of exercise into your day. Join us for a bodyweight snack.