These short exercise combinations are a great way to add extra movement to your day.

You can also string them together for a total body workout!

Decline Lunges

Target your glutes with decline back lunges.

Work your Wobble

Training for better balance?

Core Centered

Raquel's got two more moves to work your core. This combo is a must-try!

Core Galore!

It's abs on abs with this combo.


We love this combo for your posterior chain, A.K.A. your backside. Grab a mid-weight set of dumbbells and give it a try!

Double Dumbbells

One set of Dumbbells is all your need for this hip and core centered workout. Don't rush the moves- it's all about control.

Everyday Mat Workout

A daily practice with some fundamental movements will yield big results.

Bodyweight Blast

Adding plyometrics is a sure fire way to increase the challenge so that you keep seeing results.

Lift and Swim

We love to pair solid lifts with mobility drills. Be strong and move well!

Bodyweight Blast

Working out at home? Lara's got you covered with this spicy bodyweight combo.

The Whole Kit&Kaboodle

One set of dumbbells + One total body program= The Whole Kit and Kaboodle.

Coreball Workout

We put together a couple of BF Faves for this core-centered workout. If you don't have a med ball at home, a single dumbbell works beautifully.