These short exercise combinations are a great way to add extra movement to your day.

You can also string them together for a total body workout!

Bodyweight Burn

No equipment required for this total body burn.

Surrender and Press

Combine surrenders with dumbbell curl and press for a total body challenge that builds strength and poise.

Shoulder Love

Keep your shoulders happy and healthy with this strength and mobility duo.

Squat and Climb

Give this quick total-body combo a try!

Hip Mobility Flow

Here's a beautiful hip mobility flow to perform before your workout, or as part of an active recovery program.

Bridges and Planks

Planks and bridges are some fo the most important exercises for building strength and stability through your hips and core.

Split Squat with Overhead Press and T-Stabilizer

You'll need a single dumbbell for this heart pumping total-body routine.

BFF Bands- Runner's Lunge and Anti-Rotation Chop

It's all about teamwork in this total core superband combo!

Broken Down Burpees

Break down all of the movements of a burpee for a fun and challenging total body workout.

Split Squat and Plank

Build strength and stability through your hips and core with this dynamic bodyweight duo!

Chop Series

Here is one of our favorite trio of movements to build power while simultaneously sculpting your shoulders, core and legs.

Partner Workout

Grab your BFF for this heart-pumping total body workout!