bodyweight bursts

In & Out Jump Squats: Make sure to keep your weight on your heels during the squats. The more you can do that and send your hips back, the more you’ll use your glutes:) Side to Side Pushups: Try not to think about this too much. Do a lateral plank walk and bust out one […]

steady, steady & go!

Surrenders: Start on both knees with hands behind your head. Bring one foot forward and stand up as you carefully swing your knee up and then hinge forward, extending the leg behind you. Make sure to keep your back straight and inline with your extending leg. Toe Touch Jacks: With your feet together squat down and touch […]

high five!

The ‘all or nothing’ mentality is a major thorn in my side. So often we see people get so down on themselves because their diet isn’t ‘perfect’ or their workout schedule lacks a little something to be desired. Truth is that any and all efforts put into being healthier are valiant. They are worthy of […]

twist & whittle

A dear friend of mine, with whom I worked with for several years, loved to use hula hoops in her training. She would always say ‘It whittles the waist!’. So anytime there’s a focus on a twisting motion from the waist, I can hear her enthusiasm  for whittling. Lol Not only do these 2 exercises […]


Plank Crawl & Up/Down Plank: In a plank position crawl from the top of your mat to the bottom of your mat as if you were crawling under barbed wire (but down, using just the arms and feet to move). When you get to the bottom of your mat, come up onto your hands, back down […]


It may not wow you now, but staying consistant with a combo like this will definitely contribute to your ‘beach body’ wow factor. Not only that but this is also a great combination to compliment any road race training. Working the glutes while the core is engaged in plank is a brilliant use of time […]

hip like elvis

The hips are a major part of the core and tend to be a major source of  weakness in people. When we talk about strengthening the hips, we mean the WHOLE thing. This includes your glutes, hipe flexors and extensors. The Elvis is a classic hip challenge for range of motion and abductor work, while […]

kettlebell, shoulders & legs

One decent sized kettlebell can give you just what you need for great quickie workout. The shoulder press will engage the core, lats, and shoulders. Split Squats hit the legs and glutes, and the Back lunge with alternating swing gets all of the above. Shoulder Press: Make sure to press up toward the ceiling, stacking your […]

not so heavy kettlebell

Kettlebells are very versatile. It is one of the few exercise tools I have at home and highly recommend you do too. You don’t need to go super heavy. What you lack in weight you can make up for in repetitions. Here is a nice sequence you can do at home with a ‘middle of […]

core, shoulders & legs!

Planks are one of the most comprehnsive exercises out there. You use the entire body to hold a proper plank: shoulders, chest, core & hips, back, legs… So what better position to add movement to? In a straight arm plank it’s important too keep the shoulder solid – pushing the floor away the whole time. […]

basic is boss

Every little bit counts! A basic bodyweight combo can very well be the cherry on top. It can salvage a day where life would have otherwise interferred with your workout plans, and it can add the extra ‘Umph’ to your already active and nutritionally sound day. You don’t need a lot of space and you […]

kiss the cheeks

If you can’t do a hip thrust (bridge) without feeling it in your lower back, you have some major stengthening to do in your glut max! May I remind you that the glutes make up a major part of your core. No amount of situps or crunches will ever do for you what glut development […]