These short exercise combinations are a great way to add extra movement to your day.

You can also string them together for a total body workout!

Posture Challenge

Many people spend the majority of their time at a desk, this is a great routine to help work on your posture.

Kettlebell Swings + Exchange

A fun circuit that will incorporate your posterior chain as well as build core strength

Hips, Core & Shoulders

A great workout incorporating the hips, core and shoulders!

Plank Crawl & Burpee

A low and controlled plank crawl with a burpee to change directions.

Offset Kettlebell Squats and Toe-Tap Planks

Alternating offset kettlebell squats are paired with toe tap planks for a great challenge for the core!

Jumprope Workout with Pushups

Get that heart pumping with some jump rope and push-ups!

Squats and Agility by Kettlebells

Front loaded Kettlebell Squats and Cross Squats challenge the core, hips, and glutes!

A Dumbbell Workout to Challenge Your Core

The main job of the core is to stabilize the spine.

Total Bodyweight Workout

Total body workout with pushups, lunges, and hip hinges!

Dumbbell Legs & Shoulders

lower body and upper body combination movements for a total body workout.

Bodyweight Workout for Your Legs + Core + Shoulders

A great total body, bodyweight workout combination.