up down and over the moon

A simple combination to raise your heart rate and challenge your core.

super lunges!

Super Lunges are a vital part of training for running.

bent row hip hinge

If you don't already own a kettlebell, you should get yourself one.

hip opening plank & lunge

We all know sitting is not good for our bodies

running posture

Holding a bar overhead requires a significant amount of interaction between your hips, core, back, and shoulders. Shoulders are actually the least of your worries. If you can hold your ribcage tall, core tight, fire your glutes, and stack the bar over your shoulder blades, the overhead hold becomes  a matter of stabilizing. The work required to this […]

lunge and jump

A really good lunge will have it all – range of motion, glute activation, stability, and stretch!  The lunge matrix will give you just that. Go deep and really work your way into each direction. Don’t rush it. You can let loose on the jumprope when you’re done;)

front and back

We tend to be a quad dominant population. We will use our quads and back before we use our glutes, although our glutes are perfectly designed to dominate our movements. We just spend so much time sitting on them, we turn off their reponse. This combination asks a lot of your quads and it’s not […]


Kettlebells seem to be a crowd pleaser. People who use them like to use use them often, and people who are not familiar with them seem to have a good time when using them. Kettle bells are ideal for core stability, glute activation, and heavy lifting 🙂 It’s a discipline within a discipline. Working out […]

clean and tap

Swinging a kettlebell has to be one of the most satisfying things! It requires core stability and control and can really get your heart rate going. You’ll want to use a pretty heavy kettle bell. Go with one that is too heavy to lift overhead comfortably. I find that when you clean with a kb […]

plank and jump squat

Coordinating how your hands and feet work together may prove to be trickier than you would suspect. Much like sudoku, movement patterns that specifically focus on opposite ends of the body help keep the brain young and sharp. Training your body to move as a unit – even with different tasks within that unit, is one […]


Anyone who has ever had abdominal surgery knows that just about every movement requires core strength and/or stability.

off-set squat and split dog

Hips, hips, hips… you hear me talk about this all the time. That’s because it’s uber important. Strong hips are the key to happiness… Don’t you want to be happy? 😉 Seriously, by making the hips strong you open the door to all kinds of movement that will make ALL OF YOU much stronger. To be […]