These short exercise combinations are a great way to add extra movement to your day.

You can also string them together for a total body workout!


Anyone who has ever had abdominal surgery knows that just about every movement requires core strength and/or stability.

off-set squat and split dog

Hips, hips, hips… you hear me talk about this all the time. That’s because it’s uber important. Strong hips are the key to happiness… Don’t you want to be happy? 😉 Seriously, by making the hips strong you open the door to all kinds of movement that will make ALL OF YOU much stronger. To be […]

ultimate abs

This is NOT the time to set your workouts aside. I know it’s hectic and you’ve got a lot of organizing, shopping, cooking, wrapping… to do, but your fitness really only requires a tiny fraction of your time. You can have a 10 minute workout that rocks your world and keeps you feeling (and looking) […]

one step

Switch Step: Keep most of your weight on the step so that you’re pushing off the step to switch your feet. If your weight is on the floor, you’ll just be doing a toe kick and that’s not what you want here. Alternating Step Down Lunge: Make sue to keep your front knee bent over its foot, […]

new rear

The year of the rear. Why not? If you can get your bum into shape, you will position yourself for better, more effective exercises. The glutes are our powerhouse. They dictate the integrity of our core & hips, which in turn dictate the quality of function in our upper body and lower body. Get your […]

bird dog

A plyometric exercise followed by a stabilizing exercise is a tricky combination, a good challenge, and a super efficient use of your time. Side to Side to Touchdown: Find a focal point and make sure to keep your body stationed in front of it while your legs hop from side to side. Hips should come […]

got a ball?

A stability ball is one of those brilliant tools that finds its way into s many homes only to be neglected and forgotten about. One day you feel like if you had a ball you could be so efficient and fit, and shortly after it becomes an oversized beach ball taking up way too much […]

bodyweight bursts

In & Out Jump Squats: Make sure to keep your weight on your heels during the squats. The more you can do that and send your hips back, the more you’ll use your glutes:) Side to Side Pushups: Try not to think about this too much. Do a lateral plank walk and bust out one […]

steady, steady & go!

Surrenders: Start on both knees with hands behind your head. Bring one foot forward and stand up as you carefully swing your knee up and then hinge forward, extending the leg behind you. Make sure to keep your back straight and inline with your extending leg. Toe Touch Jacks: With your feet together squat down and touch […]

high five!

The ‘all or nothing’ mentality is a major thorn in my side. So often we see people get so down on themselves because their diet isn’t ‘perfect’ or their workout schedule lacks a little something to be desired. Truth is that any and all efforts put into being healthier are valiant. They are worthy of […]

twist & whittle

A dear friend of mine, with whom I worked with for several years, loved to use hula hoops in her training. She would always say ‘It whittles the waist!’. So anytime there’s a focus on a twisting motion from the waist, I can hear her enthusiasm  for whittling. Lol Not only do these 2 exercises […]


Plank Crawl & Up/Down Plank: In a plank position crawl from the top of your mat to the bottom of your mat as if you were crawling under barbed wire (but down, using just the arms and feet to move). When you get to the bottom of your mat, come up onto your hands, back down […]