for the abs

Maintaining composure during an ab workout can be tricky. It’s actually a good sign if your core muscles are working so hard that you struggle to speak:) This combination works really well with some jumprope in between sets, or you can power through 3 sets and really knock out your wind.


Bird-dog Threads: Starting in pushup position, extend one arm and the opposite leg. Make sure to extend ‘long’ and not ‘up’. Before bringing your hand & foot back to the floor, shift your weight so you can thread the leg through and reach for your foot. Return to starting position and switch sides. Side to Side […]

isometric / polymetric

Isometric Hover: Start in a pushup position with your hands directly under your shoulder. Lower your body so that your elbows hug your rib cage and your arms are at a 90 degree angle. Hold tight and swing one leg out at a time making sure it’s hovering in the extension. Do 10 hovers per leg. […]

the sweep

Alternating back lunge with sweep: Hold the dumbbell by the hex heads and start with it to your right side as you lunge your left leg back. Bring your legs together as you reach for the ceiling with your arms and then drop the dumbbell to your left side as you lunge back with your right […]

dumbbell snatch & hip hinge

A dumbbell snatch is that kind of exercise that should be quite dynamic. You can increse your intensity with power. If you increase your power, make sure the weight compliments it. You should power up and ‘stick’ the extension. No wobbly dumbbells overhead, no partial extension, no ‘snap’ in the arm (happens when the dumbbell […]

pike & press

Keeping your feet from sliding out from under you… It could be a metaphor for life, but it’s also a heck of a core workout. No need for fancy equipment, just placing your feet on a small towel will take your plank from isometric to oh-so-active. Plank Pike: Start in a straight arm plank position with your […]

up down & over the moon

A simple combination to raise your heart rate and challenge your core. It’s all about the acceleration and deccleration of the weight. Move fast with precision and you will have yourself a sweaty combination to kick your workout into high gear. Floor to Ceiling: If you can’t reach the floor with a flat back in a […]

hip opening plank & lunge

We all know sitting is not good for our bodies. It affects a bunch of things including blood flow, posture, and hip mobility. If you work out at all, these are three key areas to make sure you nail. You need all three in order to progress and improve and stay injury free. This combination […]

overhead press and renegade rows

Properly executing an overhead press requires more than just upper body strength. The core plays a huge role in the integrity of your press. If your core isn’t helping out, your press isn’t what it could be. The hips make up a very important part of your core. In fact, the psoas run from your hips up […]

the process

Most workouts are broken down into repetitions and sets. Sometimes it’s nice to break from the traditional and work through a movement pattern instead of just specific exercises. This sequence is a nice flow of movements that include core strength, upper body strength, flexibility, and lower body power… making it a total body sequence:)

in - out - up - down

Doing a bent row correctly means that you are engaging your core and releasing your traps. Often times you’ll see someone rocking or twisting when doing a bent row and that’s not what you want. You also don’t want to shrug the weight ‘back’ which means it’s going ‘up’ instead. I find that switching the […]

all the way

Squats are a beautiful thing