Kettlebell Complex

Talk about bang for your buck! This is KB Complex hits shoulders, core and legs. It's one of our go-to combos (BFFs) and a definite must-try!

The Push

This pushing workout will tone your entire body including your legs, core and shoulders. Chose a set of dumbbells that you can safely press overhead and let's get to work!

Kettlebell Combo

I love stringing together a couple dynamic kettlebell moves for a quick and super effective workout. This one will get your hear-rate up, while you develop strength, power and athleticism.

Mobility Drills

Mobility training is a key component to building a strong and resilient body that truly feels awesome. Adding a few drills that target tight and/or weak areas can make all the difference. These are a few of our favorites.

Bodyweight Snacks

There is so much value in adding short bursts of exercise into your day. Join us for a bodyweight snack.

Unilateral Strength

Why do we love unilateral training? It's simple. When we train one side at a time we develop better joint stabilization, reduce our risk of injury and build equal strength across the entire body.

For the Groin & Adductors

Tight Hips? Stretch and activate your groin and adductors with with this juicy mobility flow.

Total Body Strength

These compound moves target multiple muscle groups for a total strength routine that checks all the boxes: QUICK, FUN and EFFECTIVE

Four for the Core

This sequence won't just fire up your abs.... and oh baby it will. It strengthens the entire core musculature.


One small adjustment can change everything! Try these beginner-friendly deadlift variations to build strength in your legs and backside.

Dumbbell Swing

Improve your balance, posture and power with this single dumbbell workout!


Lara's spicy new kettlebell combo places a heavy emphasis on the posterior chain to stay strong, powerful and injury free.