These short exercise combinations are a great way to add extra movement to your day.

You can also string them together for a total body workout!

Double Dumbbells

One set of Dumbbells is all your need for this hip and core centered workout. Don't rush the moves- it's all about control.

Everyday Mat Workout

A daily practice with some fundamental movements will yield big results.

Bodyweight Blast

Adding plyometrics is a sure fire way to increase the challenge so that you keep seeing results.

Lift and Swim

We love to pair solid lifts with mobility drills. Be strong and move well!

Bodyweight Blast

Working out at home? Lara's got you covered with this spicy bodyweight combo.

The Whole Kit&Kaboodle

One set of dumbbells + One total body program= The Whole Kit and Kaboodle.

Coreball Workout

We put together a couple of BF Faves for this core-centered workout. If you don't have a med ball at home, a single dumbbell works beautifully.

Goddess Squat Jumps

We love how Ally works her core with slow and controlled Rotational Planks and then kicks up the heat with Goddess Squat Jumps. If you have limited time and space, this is how you get it done.

Booty Bands

One tiny band can change everything! Bump up the intensity and effectiveness of your home bodyweight workouts with a mini-band and embrace the burn.

S/L Balance & Figure-8

Posture and balance are areas that many of us want to work, as they are critical to graceful aging and vibrant good health.

Swing to Pushup

These two foundational moves provide a major bang-for-your-buck!

Single Arm Swing

We love Kettlebell swings. The swing is a fantastic tool for training explosive power and sculpting the backside. Mix it up with these fun single-arm variations. By using only one arm you will strengthen your grip and add an anti-rotational core challenge. Keep your form tight and have fun with it!