These short exercise combinations are a great way to add extra movement to your day.

You can also string them together for a total body workout!

in - out - up - down

Doing a bent row correctly means that you are engaging your core and releasing your traps. Often times you’ll see someone rocking or twisting when doing a bent row and that’s not what you want. You also don’t want to shrug the weight ‘back’ which means it’s going ‘up’ instead. I find that switching the […]

all the way

Squats are a beautiful thing

get the ball rolling

Please don’t wait until the new year to get the ball rolling. You can get after it starting now! 2016 is full of promise and your best you awaits… it’s time to get going.

merry gluteus

Before you barge into the finale of this holiday season with total abandon from your healthy lifestyle, give yourself 10 minutes. Put your glutes to the test and fire up those super metabolic muscles that will knock the abandon right out of you. It’s silly to expect that our clients won’t indulge a bit this time […]

Bodyweight Supersets

Here is a bodyweight routine you can use on those less than laid back days when you may not make it to the gym

fuzzy socks

Alternating Lunges: Make sure to keep your feet half on and half off the Valslides (or whatever you’re using). This way you can keep your front heel pressed into the floor without losing your footing as you slide back with your other foot. Keep the back knee soft and lunge back for a good stretch. Your […]

move better

Cross Lunges: Set up the cones far enough apart so that you have to really work to reach it for the cross lunge. Bring your back knee really low toward the floor and tap the cone with your hand. Deadlifts: Firmly plant one foot in front of the cone (we’ll call it your cone-foot). Hinge forward, raising […]

bells & whistles

KB Clean & Squat: Power through the hips, jerking the kettle bell up – keeping it close to your body and quickly tuck your arm under it and squat. Keep your core tight to protect your back. Alternating Lunge with kettle bell swing: Hold the kb in your right hand and lunge back with your left […]

hips & halo

You may have picked up on the fact that we love deadlifts. They are such a powerful way to build integrity through the hips and core, which are the base of all movements. One thing we are constantly working on in addition to strengthening the hips and core, is opening up the chest. By learning […]

fit mama

Sumo Squats: Feet wide and toes turned slightly outward. Make sure to keep your weight on your heels and squeeze your bum as you stand. Mountain Climbers: The lower to the floor you are the more difficult these will be. Kristin is up on a Reebok step, but you can use your actual stairs (at any height) […]

brain & muscles

How coordinated are you? Many people assume they have zero coordination, when in reality they may just be a little rusty. Just as it’s important for babies to develop coordinated movement, it’s just as important for adults to continue to hone it. It will help keep you sharp, which helps keep you young;) Here is an alternating […]

open & tone

Isolated Deadlift & Chest Opener: Place one foot on a bench behind you. Your bed or couch will do the trick too. Take a belt or strap of any kind and hold it in front of you with your hands about 3-4 feet apart. Reach for the floor with both hands keeping your rear end up […]