These short exercise combinations are a great way to add extra movement to your day.

You can also string them together for a total body workout!

Dumbbell Swing

Improve your balance, posture and power with this single dumbbell workout!


Lara's spicy new kettlebell combo places a heavy emphasis on the posterior chain to stay strong, powerful and injury free.

Mobility Drills

Try these mobility drills to correct imbalances and realign your posture.

Dumbbell Complex

Back to back dumbbell exercises build strength and endurance while torching mega calories.

Core Flow

Try this strong and supple core flow and let us know how you feel!

High-Low Workout

I love pairing slower controlled movements with high intensity sets. Work balance and strength with this single leg combo and then kick it up with mountain climbers.

Squat this Way

Try these fun squat variations to spice up your next lower body workout- so effective and no equipment needed!!!

Happy Hips

Movement is the magic sauce for happy healthy hips. Check out this hip heavy combo for strength and mobility.

Reebok Step Remix

Dust off your Reebok Step and give this super spicy lower body routine a try!

Core Ball Press and Pull

We love the comfort and convenience of these duel handle medicine balls, but a single dumbbell or plate works great too.


High intensity interval training is one of the most effective and efficient workout styles around. Set a timer and let's go!

Solid Strength

Kristin works some of our favorite moves in this classic strength routine.