These short exercise combinations are a great way to add extra movement to your day.

You can also string them together for a total body workout!

The Closer

We love a high energy finisher to wrap up your workout. This super sweaty combo gets the job done!

Press and Pull

We've got another single dumbbell workout to try at home!

Party Trick

Spice up your fitness routine with this fun new bodyweight combo!

Skier Squat

Start with isolated core and tricep work and then turn up the heat with high intensity skier squat intervals!

Jump Rope

Lara pairs jump rope with a lateral hinge for a heart pumping lower body combo that you can do at home!

Runner's Coordination

Strength meets poise in this run inspired workout!

One Dumbbell

We use one dumbbell to target the entire body with these combo moves.

Swim and Surf

Kinski works mobility, strength and heart in this fun bodyweight sequence.

Unconventional Core

Resist the twist with this dynamic dumbbell combo.

Bodyweight Basics

This foundational workout is perfect for beginners and can be easily progressed for all fitness levels.

Quick Stretch

Hip flexors Quads Hamstrings Calves Hips

Pop and Chop

More playful exercise combos to keep your routine fun!