These short exercise combinations are a great way to add extra movement to your day.

You can also string them together for a total body workout!

Three Part Kettlebell Workout

1 Kettlebell + 3 Exercises = All the right spots!

Press and Surrender

We've got a one-two combo of overhead press and plyometric surrenders to build power and strength.

Classic Kettlebell Workout

This one will get your heart pumping! Try these three classic moves to build strong legs, hips and core.

Hinge and Lunge

Work your backside from all the angles with this hinge lunge combo for strong hips.

Total Body Dumbbell Complex

This is one of our favorite total body combos. Grab a single dumbbell and we'll get to work!

The Cuban Press to Lunge and Low Plank

The Cuban Press combines an upright row, external rotation and overhead press for strong and healthy shoulders.

Kettlebell Clean and Lunge

This explosive kettlebell complex will improve your power, agility and mobility in two key moves.

Donkey Kicks

Your body is all you need: Two movements to get your heart pumping!

Front to Back

Add this fun core combo to your next workout!

Bodyweight Burn

No equipment required for this total body burn.

Surrender and Press

Combine surrenders with dumbbell curl and press for a total body challenge that builds strength and poise.

Shoulder Love

Keep your shoulders happy and healthy with this strength and mobility duo.