Your 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge

Where to Start

Congratulations to you on taking on this plant based journey! Whether you have ever attempted going vegan, currently are, or have never given it a shot, I’m so glad you decided to join this community of support. 

This program is your complete guide to vegan diet and how to make sure you hit your nutritional guidelines. Plant based nutrition has gained a lot of popularity throughout the years which means it’s easier to eat vegan now more than ever. Even if you don’t eat 100% plant based once this challenge is over, you will certainly learn a lot about it and how to do it properly. 

Making changes to your nutrition is a great way to help you discover things about yourself. For example, maybe you suffer from headaches and once you remove red meat your headaches go away. That’s great for you to know and I’d call that a win! I’m not saying you can never eat red meat again but at least you know it affects you that way and maybe you only have it once in a while. Acne, bowel issues, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, brain fog are only a start to a list of symptoms you might be experiencing from consuming animal products. I know for myself when I cut back significantly on the amount of animal products I consume my headaches are pretty much gone. 

So now you signed up but where to start? This challenge will begin with two days of preparation. January 9 & 10 are to be reserved for creating the proper environment for you to thrive. The official start will be Monday, January 11. 

Here are a few tips to help you be prepared for 21 Days Vegan: 

  • First, talk to your family and friends or at least the people in your household about this challenge. While they don’t have to do it with you it’s important for them to support you and not veer you off track.
  • Clear out any junk food in the house that might be tempting to you. You don’t necessarily have to throw it out. I suggest storing it in the basement or somewhere where you won’t be tempted by it. Unopened food can be donated as well. 
  • Now start gathering plant based recipes. Focus on recipes that steer clear of processed foods such as pasta, bread, etc. Focus on whole foods. Pinterest is a great resource for recipes as well as our website. 
  • Gather staple items such as beans, tempeh, tofu, sweet potato, brazil nuts, nuts and seeds, dairy free yogurt. These are good ingredients to keep on hand for your vegan adventure over the next three weeks. 
  • Plan ahead and collect your resources for the next three weeks. Look at your schedule during the weeks of the challenge and keep everything as organized as possible. I know life throws us curve balls but try to plan as much as you can.  
  • Lastly, print the 21Days Meal Planner and the 21 Days Journal. These two documents will help you stay organized. While journaling isn’t required, if you are able to do it I suggest you do. It’s more than just writing down what you ate; include how you are feeling that day, how you slept, energy level, the time you ate and how much water you consumed. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

xo, Kristin