Semi-private training at Boutique Fitness offers a number of great benefits that can help you reach your fitness goals. It provides motivation, support, and accountability to help ensure you stay on track. It gives you the opportunity to also benefit from personalized instruction, as your trainer can tailor their program to your skill level and preferences.

Additionally, semi-private training is often more cost-effective than traditional one-on-one sessions, so you’ll get a high level of quality instruction at a lower cost. Finally, semi-private training can be lots of fun, as you’re able to work out with others, making your sessions more enjoyable and engaging.

4 clients, 1 coach

Each person is on their own journey. With only 4 clients in a session, the coach can tailor the workouts to meet individual needs. A modification does not make it easier, it makes it better 😉

30 minutes

The creative circuits allow for maximum use of the studio and equipment in only 30 minutes. From cool down to bonus round, no muscle is left untouched.

Total Body Workout

Boutique Fitness workouts are thoughtfully programmed to address all the major movement requirements of a fit and strong body. Strength, conditioning, and mobility are our cornerstones.