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A Better Hue For Winter Blue

It’s 4:30am and 26 degrees outside. I’m standing in my kitchen as I write this. What I’m wearing consists of heat gear leggings under my snow shoveling pants, two layers of long sleeved heat gear shirts, a Northface running vest, and scattered around me is the remainder of my outfit – my neck warmer, a […]

(G)rowing Old Gracefully

I lift weights, I run, and I row. I lift weights because it’s essential for good health; Run because it keeps me sane and I love the people I run with; Row because I got lucky… In 2011 my dear friend Robyn asked me if I would be interested in rowing the Azorean Whaleboats. I […]

3rd Place :)

Community. We use this word often without much discussion about what it means. The assumption is that the word itself sparks a sense of belonging and simply using it opens an invitation for you to join our community.