The focus

Building a strong core & glutes

Honing your cadence & stride

Improving your breathing & mobility

Setting some exciting goals

Building your running community

The format

4 people/ class

45 minute classes

Intervals include:

strength training, mobility work,

and running on the Trueform.

**New Bedford studio only**

“The RUN class has completely surpassed my expectations.  I feel strong and confident that RUNning will always be a part of my life. It’s a perfect weekly addition for those who have never run, for those recovering from injury, AND for those who are training for marathons.”  -Andrea M.

“I have long been afraid that my running form was so bad, that it is what led to my multiple calf injuries.  Since I started RUN, I have never felt better! It was definitely a missing piece in my workout regimen!” – Cindi A.

“I am so excited to be doing RUN at Boutique! For me it’s a different kind of workout which doesn’t bore me….and those 45 mins fly by! The coaches are amazing, and every class is challenging but doable.” – Joanne D.

“Run classes have given my daughter a combination of skills and running techniques. The confidence she now exhibits in her running is amazing. She had a run time goal which she not only met she surpassed it by 20 seconds.” -Caroline C.