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The first ever studio trip to Faial

It was awesome. I’ve been working on this since last year and it was hard to believe the time had finally come. I love Faial. It’s a home away from home for me. I love sharing it with people in my NB life and I was very honored (and excited) to share it with some […]

May 2024

Welcome Betsy! Betsy will be joining the Boutique Fitness team at the end of May to lead the stretch sessions at the mobility room. She comes from a hearty background in exercise, yoga, reiki, and most recently as a flexologist at Stretch Lab. Learn more about Betsy here! June 1 – August 31! Get your […]

Special Summer Session

Here is some advice for maximizing your time and your workouts so you can see the results you want without spending every extra minute at the gym. 

Ahhhh... Assisted Stretching

When I first started training clients (19 years ago), I quickly learned that they will do almost anything you ask of them as long as they get their stretch at the end of the session. Those who have felt the benefit of being stretched are more able to correlate stretching with gaining relief from everyday […]

April, 2024

Coming soon to the Mattapoisett Studio! The Mobility Room will offer guided and assisted stretching in 30 minute sessions. This service will be available to everyone – not just Boutique Fitness clients. Sessions will be available starting in May. Email Lara at to schedule your stretch! In lieu of the annual Spring Special, there […]

Long Live the King?

Long gone are the days and mentality that cardio is king. While cardio is certainly a vital part of the Royal Family, it cannot offer all you need in order to truly be fit, strong, and healthy. Enter strength training.  Strength training is the love language of the human body. It utilizes and glorifies how […]

A Half Marathon and a 5k

On Sunday, March 17, the streets of New Bedford will be buzzing with runners and spectators from all over for the New Bedford Half Marathon.  Maybe running 13.1 miles sounds impossible to you, or it’s a distance you thoroughly enjoy, or one that is on your bucket list…As far as we’re concerned, the one running […]

March, 2024

SAVE THE DATE! We will be hosting an open house event on Saturday, March 16 at the New Bedford studio! Save 15% on packages (EFT memberships not included) Super discount on swag, and a goodie bag with all purchases. xo Coming soon to the Mattapoisett Studio! The Mobility Room will offer guided and assisted stretching […]

Sleep, sweat, smile 

It’s no secret that good sleep, regular exercise, and a positive attitude create the landing pad for feeling like a million bucks. When you realize you may be in need of raising your state, it’s likely because something has suffered or fallen off your regimen. So how can we get it all back on the […]

Coach Integrity

The Key to Building a Foundation and a Future as a Coach by: Lara Harrington, PN1-NC, SSRC Coaching can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both the client and the coach. There are, however, some key aspects to being a great coach that far surpass the love of fitness and your own personal fitness journey. […]

Ell Oh Vee Ee

Love thyself We are surrounded by reminders to be kind and spread love. Arguably, the most important recipient from your efforts is you.  Working out, eating well, staying hydrated, a monthly deep tissue massage, spending quality time with those you love, getting your hair and nails ‘did’, taking an afternoon nap… We all need recovery […]

Are You Glistening?

February calls for a little check in with your heart health. Are You Glistening? You know as well as I do how important exercise is for your overall health. It helps mineralize your bones, provides muscle tone for posture, strengthens your heart and circulation, helps the body use insulin more efficiently, helps you sleep better, […]