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Thirsty August

Summer wouldn’t be complete without advice on staying hydrated. As we head into the hottest month of the year, there are ways to stay on top of your hydration needs. Before I delve into the variety of ways to keep your body from being thirsty, here are some pretty fantastic reasons to make this a […]

Essential for Golfers

If you love golf, you probably love the escape it offers from your daily grind. It’s an incredible sport to help you thrive as you age too. It requires power, coordination, focus, skill, precision, strategic thinking, and it helps keep you social. These are all important for longevity! Another key component for longevity is mobility. […]

July 2024

Summer time is here! Please plan ahead and adjust your schedule as needed. We can always shift your sessions just for the summer and have it resume to normal in the fall… Just let us know 🙂 Here’s to the warm summer months! Now booking! The Mobility Room offers guided and assisted stretching in 30 […]

Life is Short

Summer is shorter… July is the quintessential summer month. We’re not wrapping up the school year or yet preparing for the next one. It’s the month that most people go on vacation, take random days off from work, pow wow at the beach, and simply downshift from working so hard all year. And it tends […]

Wild Ride

Yup, I’m middle aged. I have vivid memories of my mother and all my aunts aggressively fanning themselves at family gatherings. We knew what was happening. They didn’t shy away from telling us, and it was fascinating to watch.  One by one they would remove any extra layers, grab the closest object that could double […]

June 2024

In honor of Juneteenth, the studios will be open half day. Morning sessions will resume as usual, but all evening sessions have been canceled. Please plan accordingly. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in our lives! We love you and appreciate you! xoxo Now booking! The Mobility Room offers guided and assisted stretching in […]

June is here.

It’s warm, it’s full of anticipation, and it’s the awareness month for some heavy hitters including Juneteenth and Pride 💚💛❤️✌🏽🏳️‍🌈 June is also Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month.  While puzzles and sudoku are great for keeping the mind sharp, nothing compares to functional exercise and the great outdoors. We all know how important it is […]

The first ever studio trip to Faial

It was awesome. I’ve been working on this since last year and it was hard to believe the time had finally come. I love Faial. It’s a home away from home for me. I love sharing it with people in my NB life and I was very honored (and excited) to share it with some […]

May 2024

Welcome Betsy! Betsy will be joining the Boutique Fitness team at the end of May to lead the stretch sessions at the mobility room. She comes from a hearty background in exercise, yoga, reiki, and most recently as a flexologist at Stretch Lab. Learn more about Betsy here! June 1 – August 31! Get your […]

Special Summer Session

Here is some advice for maximizing your time and your workouts so you can see the results you want without spending every extra minute at the gym. 

Ahhhh... Assisted Stretching

When I first started training clients (19 years ago), I quickly learned that they will do almost anything you ask of them as long as they get their stretch at the end of the session. Those who have felt the benefit of being stretched are more able to correlate stretching with gaining relief from everyday […]

April, 2024

Coming soon to the Mattapoisett Studio! The Mobility Room will offer guided and assisted stretching in 30 minute sessions. This service will be available to everyone – not just Boutique Fitness clients. Sessions will be available starting in May. Email Lara at info@boutiquefitness.com to schedule your stretch! In lieu of the annual Spring Special, there […]