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Sleep, sweat, smile 

It’s no secret that good sleep, regular exercise, and a positive attitude create the landing pad for feeling like a million bucks. When you realize you may be in need of raising your state, it’s likely because something has suffered or fallen off your regimen. So how can we get it all back on the […]

Coach Integrity

The Key to Building a Foundation and a Future as a Coach by: Lara Harrington, PN1-NC, SSRC Coaching can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both the client and the coach. There are, however, some key aspects to being a great coach that far surpass the love of fitness and your own personal fitness journey. […]

Ell Oh Vee Ee

Love thyself We are surrounded by reminders to be kind and spread love. Arguably, the most important recipient from your efforts is you.  Working out, eating well, staying hydrated, a monthly deep tissue massage, spending quality time with those you love, getting your hair and nails ‘did’, taking an afternoon nap… We all need recovery […]

Are You Glistening?

February calls for a little check in with your heart health. Are You Glistening? You know as well as I do how important exercise is for your overall health. It helps mineralize your bones, provides muscle tone for posture, strengthens your heart and circulation, helps the body use insulin more efficiently, helps you sleep better, […]

How To Start

It can’t be avoided… the newness of January. The clean slate, the ambition, and the willingness to work a little harder, be a little better organized, and be a little more dedicated to the process. I’m sure you would agree that fitness and nutrition are among the top areas where this is true. So if […]

The New Beginnings Trifecta

New beginnings happen all the time: Every morning, every Monday, every 1st of the month, and every 1st of the year. Today we have a TRIFECTA!  New Year’s Day, the first day of the first month, landing on a Monday. If that’s not a sign to start something exciting, I don’t know what is! Whether […]

December 15, 2023

The 12 Days of Christmas Workout Playlist is back! Sign up to receive a 10(ish) minute workout everyday from December 25 – January 6. 12 Total body workouts by your favorite coaches delivered daily via email. It’s free! Tell your friends 🙂 Sign Up Here! The New Year’s Eve schedule is fully booked! If you […]

A Better Hue For Winter Blue

It’s 4:30am and 26 degrees outside. I’m standing in my kitchen as I write this. What I’m wearing consists of heat gear leggings under my snow shoveling pants, two layers of long sleeved heat gear shirts, a Northface running vest, and scattered around me is the remainder of my outfit – my neck warmer, a […]

December 1, 2023

Please help! We are once again accepting donations for 6 kids across the Greater New Bedford area. With your help, these kids and their families will have much needed clothing for the winter and some extra joy for the holidays. You can find details for each kid here. The 12 Days of Christmas Workout Playlist […]

All This Hoopla

December is here. The month where many of us take count of all the people we need to see, need to shop for, and need to send cards to. This is the month where so many people are so focused on not forgetting anyone that they forget to take care of themselves… or is all […]

November 15, 2023

Please help! This food drive ends on the 18th! We are collecting pantry items at both studios to donate to Mercy Meals in New Bedford and Damien’s Pantry in Wareham. Every little bit counts! xoxo The highly anticipated Holiday Special is just around the corner! This applies for gift cards on full packages only. Visit […]

To-Do Lists and Making Changes

This time of year is filled with to do lists, shopping lists, and after-the-holidays lists. Starting or improving a fitness routine typically falls in the after-the-holidays list. But really, physical activity can do incredible things for your productivity. And, if it makes it to your after-the-holidays list, how can we get it to rank higher […]