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June is here.

It’s warm, it’s full of anticipation, and it’s the awareness month for some heavy hitters including Juneteenth and Pride 💚💛❤️✌🏽🏳️‍🌈 June is also Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month.  While puzzles and sudoku are great for keeping the mind sharp, nothing compares to functional exercise and the great outdoors. We all know how important it is […]

Special Summer Session

Here is some advice for maximizing your time and your workouts so you can see the results you want without spending every extra minute at the gym. 

Long Live the King?

Long gone are the days and mentality that cardio is king. While cardio is certainly a vital part of the Royal Family, it cannot offer all you need in order to truly be fit, strong, and healthy. Enter strength training.  Strength training is the love language of the human body. It utilizes and glorifies how […]

How To Start

It can’t be avoided… the newness of January. The clean slate, the ambition, and the willingness to work a little harder, be a little better organized, and be a little more dedicated to the process. I’m sure you would agree that fitness and nutrition are among the top areas where this is true. So if […]

The New Beginnings Trifecta

New beginnings happen all the time: Every morning, every Monday, every 1st of the month, and every 1st of the year. Today we have a TRIFECTA!  New Year’s Day, the first day of the first month, landing on a Monday. If that’s not a sign to start something exciting, I don’t know what is! Whether […]

To-Do Lists and Making Changes

This time of year is filled with to do lists, shopping lists, and after-the-holidays lists. Starting or improving a fitness routine typically falls in the after-the-holidays list. But really, physical activity can do incredible things for your productivity. And, if it makes it to your after-the-holidays list, how can we get it to rank higher […]

Rate of Perceived Exertion

Rate of Perceived Exertion If you’re looking to push the intensity of your workouts, get familiar with RPE, or Rate of Perceived Exertion. Aside from what your apple watch is telling you, what is your body telling you?  Day to day your stress will be different, which means your recovery will be different, which means […]

Deep Dive

High intensity workouts are a key component of building lean muscle and heart health. The best part is that it’s an optimal workout for women of all ages. Boutique Fitness workouts are designed to work the body as a whole through strength training and conditioning – all within 30 minutes. This signature format is not […]

3rd Place :)

Community. We use this word often without much discussion about what it means. The assumption is that the word itself sparks a sense of belonging and simply using it opens an invitation for you to join our community.

One One Twenty Twenty

YEAR IN REVIEW The first page of a beautiful new journal. There’s nothing like a brand new journal to light me up – especially on the first day of a brand new decade. One of my most cherished traditions in business is setting a plan for the year that fuels my soul. The first step […]
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What Thrills Me...

I have never really considered myself a competitive person. Actually, I was a painfully shy kid from a big family of big personalities – which made it easy to ‘belong’ without having to do much more than be present. At a young age I became very sick. I had a brain tumor and suffered many […]