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All This Hoopla

December is here. The month where many of us take count of all the people we need to see, need to shop for, and need to send cards to. This is the month where so many people are so focused on not forgetting anyone that they forget to take care of themselves… or is all […]

To-Do Lists and Making Changes

This time of year is filled with to do lists, shopping lists, and after-the-holidays lists. Starting or improving a fitness routine typically falls in the after-the-holidays list. But really, physical activity can do incredible things for your productivity. And, if it makes it to your after-the-holidays list, how can we get it to rank higher […]

Designing Your Sleep Environment

Curating the ideal sleep environment is a must, although it can be tricky if you share your sleep space with someone else. Your sleep space is sacred.  It’s where your body does its most important work – recovery.  Here are 15 ways to customize your sleep space so that you can reach the golden stage […]


I recently met a woman who is a social worker for the aging population. She said that if you really want to ‘fill your cup’, work with the elderly. She described her clients as appreciative, fascinating, and still capable of giving so much. She said that generally speaking, they are mostly afraid of being forgotten […]

The Secret to Total Wellness: 

Why Addressing Your Pelvic Floor Can Take Your Fitness to the Next Level Are you ready to unleash your full potential? As active women, working women and mothers, you juggle more responsibilities than anyone can imagine. But in the midst of all this, are you giving your body the care and attention it truly deserves? […]

Sleep & Recovery

Now that summer is coming to an end, you may be considering how to create the most efficient routine so that the fall is healthy and productive. If this is so, there is one thing that holds true and can make all the difference: Sleep.  Sleep is Queen. It’s during sleep that all the magic […]

Back to School

Back to school will be in full swing in just two weeks. My daughter is starting high school this year, which means I’m about to enter the time warp blink that is her adolescence. Not sure how ready I am for this…  This time of year can be stress inducing for many people. Although, I […]

When You Travel

Another trip to the Azores… My daughter and I spent the first two weeks of July in the Azores. We spent most of our time in Terceira but also visited Faial and Pico. Three of the 9 Azorean Islands in two weeks. It was an epic trip and I swear my daughter went from 14 […]

(G)rowing Old Gracefully

I lift weights, I run, and I row. I lift weights because it’s essential for good health. I run because it keeps me sane and I love the people I run with. I row because I got lucky… In 2011 my dear friend Robyn asked me if I would be interested in rowing the Azorean […]

Why Hire a Registered Dietician?

You’ve heard us say it over and over – You can’t out-train a bad diet. But also, your diet is not just about weight loss or maintenance. It’s the essence of your health. Learning about the foods that can help you thrive is a major game changer. You may have heard that we have new […]

A Beautifully Toned Upper Body

If you’ve kicked up your workouts in preparation for your summer wardrobe, tell me, how are your shoulders feeling? The shoulders are an area that tend to get really beat up and rarely receive the proper TLC. It’s tough enough that most of us carry our stress in our necks and shoulders. To make matters […]

You’re probably dehydrated.

Fatigue, brain fog, dry skin, bloat, brittle hair and nails… You’re probably dehydrated. But, is drinking water enough? Salt and sugar, to keep it simple, play very interesting and distinctive roles in our levels of hydration and how we utilize our water intake. You probably already know you need potassium to stay hydrated – think […]