cauliflower veggie pizza

This veggie pizza will definitely satisfy the pizza craving!

sweet potato and chicken hash

Break free and think outside of the box from what you think a "traditional" breakfast is supposed to be.

baked beans

Saucy, creamy, baked beans

garbanzo patties

You can also make these into 'meatless' balls.

veggie lasagna

Lasagna can be healthy

red sauce

Nothing better than Sunday sauce!

spicy tuna with edamame

A new spin on Tuna

garbanzo cookies

These are delicious with peanut butter warmed on top:)

Quinoa-Edamame Salad with Sesame- Ginger Dressing

Protein packed salad makes a great meal.

Frozen Banana Pops

Looking for a delicious summer treat?

Thirsty Thursday

Do you struggle with a nighttime sweet tooth?

Thirsty Thursday

Nothing screams fall in New England like a simmering pot of mulled apple cider.