Peppermint Meringue Cookies

This is a fun and festive holiday treat that you can enjoy making with friends and family.

Baked Quinoa with Roasted Kale and Chickpeas

Throw a curve ball this holiday season with a quinoa side dish. You can swap out the feta for goat cheese. It's delicious!!

Korean Beef Short Ribs

Set it and forget! This is a very busy time of year and it's so much easier to put your dinner in the crock pot, get back to your day and then have dinner ready for you later. Enjoy!

Detox Time!

Feeling a little heavier from the holidays? Enjoy this detox and get back on track.

Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic, Ghee and Thyme

A non-traditional side for Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

Cranberry, Lime and Rosemary Spritzer

Cranberry Lime and Rosemary Spritzer. A few simple ingredients make for a delightful cocktail!

Thanksgiving Turkey Dry Rub

Flavor your turkey with the dry rub and it will be anything but dry and tasteless. Feel free to add any of the optional ingredients before rubbing the rub on the turkey. This rub is also great for chicken, steak or pork.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Sip on this while you take your kids out trick or treating or while you hand out candy at home. No guilty feeling here!

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Looks like tomato sauce, but it's not! This can be used on top of anything, eggs, chicken, vegetables, anything you want! Enjoy.


Come and get your veggies!!! Feel free to substitute any veggies you want. Make this your own. Enjoy.

Chimichurri Sauce

Sauces are a great way to spice up the usual chicken or steak. If you are fan of garlic this sauce is for you!

Ratatouille Eggplant Casserole

A classic Julia Child recipe. This is a great recipe for the 10 in 10 Challenge!